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Action Comics #973 Clay Mann
Buy/Bid – Action Comics #973
All Star Batman #7
Buy/Bid – All Star Batman #7
Batman #567
Buy/Bid – Batman #567
Detective Comics #950
Buy/Bid – Detective #950
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corp #14 Kevin Nowlan
Buy/Bid – GL Corp #14









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Many new storylines begin in DC titles this week.
Deathstroke #12 ‘Twilight’, starring the villain Raptor. Written by Christopher Priest and art from Joe Bennett.
‘Mild Mannered’ begins in Action Comics #973. DC doling this new story out as the beginning of ‘Superman Reborn’. Written by Dan Jurgens and art from Stephen Segovia.
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #14 ‘Quest For The Blue Lantern’, written by Robert Venditti, art from Rafael Sandoval.
‘Burning Down The House’ begins in Suicide Squad #11. Written by Rob Williams, with art from Riley Rossmo. A John Romita Jr. variant cover too.
Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey #7 ‘Valentine’s Day’. Written by Julie Benson, art by Claire Roe.
Writer Scott Snyder tackles a new villain within the Batman rogue gallery, Poison Ivy, in All Star Batman #7. Art by Tula Lotay.
‘Godwatch’ begins an origin story in Wonder Woman #16. Writer Greg Rucka and artist Bilquis Evely bring this issue to life.
Titans #8 ‘Made in Manhattan’, written by Dan Abnett and art from Brett Booth.
Cassandra Cain (Batgirl) begins her journey back into the Batman lure in Detective Comics #950. This oversized anniversary issue also features Azrael. Cassandra Cain’s first Batgirl appearance; Batman #567 (1999) sits in the aftermarket at affordable pricing. Get yours in your collection now. Don’t forget to click on our red links (or comic cover) to be directed right to Ebay (all available sellers) to buy/bid on it right now.

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Deathstroke #12
Buy/Bid – Deathstroke #12
Justice League Of America Rebirth #1 Ivan Reis
Buy/Bid – JLA Rebirth #1
Suicide Squad #11
Buy/Bid – Suicide Squad #11
Wonder Woman #16
Buy/Bid – Wonder Woman #16
Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey #7
Buy/Bid – Batgirl And Birds #7









InvestComics Deathstroke Checklist – Click The Image

That’s a whole lot of new storylines beginning right? Putting aside all of the part one stories coming from DC this week, a new number one issue, Justice League Of America Rebirth #1 debuts. Steve Orlando writes, Ivan Reis draws. A crazy Justice League team this time around. Lobo, Black Canary, Atom, Killer Frost, The Ray, and of course Batman. That’s an odd bunch right?

A nice touch with the Star Wars Doctor Aphra #4 40th anniversary variant cover. Artist Pepe Larraz offers Star Wars fans a still from the very first Star Wars movie from 1977 of the Leia hologram scene.
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #17 makes it to the InvestComics Hot Picks list. We’ve always thought the character is a bit overrated due to too much speculation around a possible appearance either on television or film. Of course this news (from a while ago) has not really come to fruition (yet?), but because of many collectors are holding into this news, her first appearance has not really come down to correct levels. That all said, always a vague solicit for this comic each month. A “cool way” to stay hip we guess. Maybe a new adversary debuts in this issue, but we do know that Erica Henderson’s cover pays homage to Superman #1 (1939). Remember to click these red links or comic covers to buy/bid on the comics (all available Ebay sellers) we tell you about!
Kingpin will get his own ongoing series this Wednesday; Kingpin #1. Writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Ben Torres deliver this debut issue. We all know Kingpin’s first appearance is in Amazing Spider-Man #50 (1967), but he first appeared in a Daredevil comic in Daredevil #170 (1981). Writer/artist Frank Miller forever changed the Kingpin character from that point on.

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Amazing Spider-Man #50
Buy/Bid – Amazing Spm #50
Kingpin #1
Buy/Bid – Kingpin #1
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #4 Pepe Larraz
Buy/Bid – Star Wars Aphra #4
Superman #1
Buy/Bid – Superman #1
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #17
Buy/Bid – Squil Girl #17









Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman Graded Comics on Ebay For $50 And Less – Buy Now – No Bidding
Red Sonja #2
Buy/Bid – Red Sonja #2
Divinity III Shadowman #1
Buy/Bid – Divinity III #1
East Of West #31
Buy/Bid – East West #31
Infinite 7 #1
Buy/Bid – Infinite 7 #1
Buy/Bid – Black Science #28









Rob Liefeld
Rob Liefeld Graded Comics on Ebay – Buy Now – No Bidding

InvestComics Indie Hot Picks;
Red Sonja #2 (Dynamite Entertainment) features a fantastic cosplay variant. The cosplayer is Jennifer Ann. You can follow her on Facebook HERE, and Instagram HERE. Also from DE this week, John Carter The End #1 (Dynamite Entertainment).
A great Rob Liefeld tribute cover from Nick Dragotta; East Of West #31. Have you seen our new post we started last week regarding the best covers of the week? Check out last weeks post right HERE. Expect one every week, it’s fun to give these artist the credit they deserve for these amazing covers they put together.

Black Science #28 (Image Comics) debuts a new hero.
Image Comics gets a bit strange with their The Wicked + The Divine #26 cover. Creators Jamie McKelvie & Matt Wilson are featured on this tribute photo cover. So strange. Take a look. Funny though.
Valiant Entertainment continues their vivid storyline. Check out Divinity III Shadowman #1. Brought to us by writer Scott Bryan Wilson and artist Robert Gill.

A new series from Action Lab Entertainment/Danger Zone looks very interesting. A group of assassins make up Infinite 7. In order to join this elite group… have to kill one of the members. Fun! Well, not for the dead guy/gal. Check out Infinite 7 #1 from writer Dave Dwonch and artist Arturo Mesa.
Empowered Soldier Of Love #1 (Dark Horse). Dollface #2 (Action Lab/Danger Zone). Steven Universe #1 (Boom Studios).

Dollface #2 Action Lab Danger Zone Dan Mendoza
Buy/Bid – Dollface #2
John Carter The End #1
Buy/Bid – John Carter The End #1
The Wicked + The Divine #26
Buy/Bid – Wicked + Divine #26
Empowered Soldier Of Love #1
Buy/Bid – Empowered Solider Of Love #1










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