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UKC Super Sons 1

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Super Sons #1
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Justice League #15
Buy/Bid – Justice League #15
Batman #17
Buy/Bid – Batman #17
Batwoman Rebirth #1
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The offspring of Supes and Bats have made quite the name for themselves these days. So enter DC’s next big hit series, Super Sons #1. Could you imagine if DC/Warner Bros ever got their act together and made an amazing “Spielberg” feel/type of Super Sons film? It would appeal to everyone. Everyone, meaning tapping the young audience and female audience. It would be the equivalent of Marvel’s Power Pack. We said it years ago about Power Pack for Marvel, what is Disney waiting for? Super Sons #1 from writer Peter J Tomasi and artist Jorge Jimenez.
Jim Lee’s Wildstorm will be reintroduced to comic book fans. This time as Wild Storm. They made a bold new change and made Wildstorm two words. Crazy right?? Anyway, Wild Storm #1 will bring writer Warren Ellis on board along with artist Jon Davis-Hunt. Creator of Wildstorm, Jim Lee, has a variant accompanying the big release, but it’s the regular Jon Davis-Hunt cover that will have fans really turning their heads.

We pointed out the love we had for the new DC Odyssey Of The Amazons series. We also pointed out the possible plethora of new characters that will appear within this series. This Wednesday, Odyssey Of The Amazons #2 will be more of the same. Great storytelling and new characters, what more does one need?
A new story begins in Justice League #15, ‘Timeless’. A possible first appearance here. The new storyline will be brought to us by Bryan Hitch (writer) and Fernando Pasarin (artist).

Wild Storm #1
Buy/Bid – Wild Storm #1
Buy/Bid – Odyssey Amazons #2
Super Sons #1 Dustin Nguyen
Buy/Bid – Super Sons #1
Clone Conspiracy #5
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More Rebirth from DC this week, Batwoman #1 Rebirth from writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Ben Oliver.
Batman #17 continues the new story ‘I Am Bane’. Written by Tom King and art from David Finch.

The Clone Conspiracy will come to an end this Wednesday. Marvel promises to go out with a bang in Clone Conspiracy #5.

InvestComics Indie Hot Picks;
Black Mask Comics offers their third installment of Forevers; Forever #3.
If you’re fan of Henchgirl, then Action Lab has a special treat for you this week. Check out the Voracious Feeding Time #3 variant from Henchgirl artist Kristen Gudsnuk. Not only is it super cool, but it’s super limited too. Only 1500 copies available.
Looks like IDW has a fantastic read lined up for fans with Darkness Visible #1. Mike Carey writes, Brendan Cahill pencils.

Walking Dead #164
Buy/Bid – Walking Dead #164
Horizon #8
Buy/Bid – Horizon #1
Invincible #133
Buy/Bid – Invincible #133
Buy/Bid – Darkness Visible #1 #133










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New Image comic God Country is a hit. And check out all three covers to God Country #2, all masterful, each cover as good as the next. The Geoff Shaw/Jason Wordie tribute cover is savage.
Image pushes the envelope a tad with its Horizon #8 cover from Jason Howard.
The End Of All Things, part 1 of 12 hits Invincible #133. The final days (months) are near as the  Invincible series begins its final storyline of its amazing run. Ryan Ottley provides the Youngblood tribute cover. Other tribute covers we dig, Kill Or Be Killed #6 Dead tribute cover. The Walking Dead #164 Wild tribute cover.
Titan Comics, Forever War #1. Written by Joe Haldeman and pencils by Marvano.

God Country #2 Geoff Shaw
Buy/Bid – God Country #2
Kill Or Be Killed #6 Walking Dead Sean Phillips
Buy/Bid – Kill or Be Killed #6
God Country #2 Gerardo Zaffino
Buy/Bid – God Country #2
Forevers #3
Buy/Bid – Forevers #3
Voracious Feeding Time #3
Buy/Bid – V Feeding Time #3








Walking Dead
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