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Bane DC

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Batman #18
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Superman #18
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Savage Things #1
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Deadpool #28
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Savage Things #1 will begin a new 8 part series from DC Comics. Writer Justin Jordan and artist Ibrahim Moustafa bring this movie style story.
Bane continues his onslaught within the Batman storyline ‘I Am Bane’ (part 3). Batman #18.
‘Superman Reborn’ part one starts in Superman #18. Brought to us by the team of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason.

We’re guessing Marvel is growing a bit tired of replacing many of their male heroes with female counterparts. Yes, we know, there are still original male characters around, but there have never been so many female characters taking the mantle as Marvel’s main focus. Not saying this is a bad thing either. We love the change! So with that said, Captain America gets his semi-replacement, and yes he’s still that Hydra dude, but Marvel brings in America Chavez. SHE gets her own series with America #1 and doesn’t really have to replace anyone. Ms. Chavez won’t become Ms. Captain America, so that’s a good thing. (And Steve Rogers will be Captain America again, so unknot your panties that are bunched up, relax will ya? Enjoy the story, stop protesting.) Back to America Chavez, a Latin America female hero, we love it. Ms. Chavez first appeared in Vengeance #1 (2011). There are copies on Ebay up for grabs. Maybe America Chavez takes off and she gets love from fans. We’d understand the love for America Chavez more so than a Spider-Gwen or a Gwenpool, just saying. Hopefully America #1 gets fans picking it up and spreading the word. We’re confident Gabby Rivera (writer) and artist Joe Quinones will deliver a comic that will have fans talking and coming back for more.
Deadpool #28 ‘Til Death Do Us?’ part one. Gerry Duggan (writer). Scott Hepburn (artist). Venomized cover by David Lopez.
Doctor Strange gets the Venom treatment in Doctor Strange #18. Venomized cover by Tess Fowler.
New Spidey book from Marvel, Clone Conspiracy Omega #1.

America #1
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Vengeance #1
Click To Buy/Bid – Vengeance #1
Doctor Strange #18 Kevin Nowlan
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Clone Conspiracy Omega #1
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Agents Of Pact #1
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Smoketown #1
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InvestComics Indie Hot Picks.
Like Mad Max? Like blood? Guts? Fantastic because Extremity #1 (Image Comics) is up your alley. A must check out comic this week from Daniel Warren Johnson (writer/artist).
Archie Comics’ Riverdale #1 one shot will be based on the television show. Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. This will be a primer issue before the regular ongoing hits.

From our friends up north, Chapterhouse Comics,  Agents Of Pact #1. Described as a cross between Birds Of Prey and X-Files. We’re sold! The folks at Chapterhouse Comics are always on point, so we’ll be looking for this comic on Wednesday. Written by Kalman Andrasofszky and Blake Northcott. Art by Federica Manfredi.

Scout Comics hits us with a murder/mystery/Intrigue comic; Smoketown #1. Scout Comics has appeared within the InvestComics Hot Picks quite a few times. That’s because their storytelling is so Interesting. They’ve become a good habit. Creators, Phillip Kennedy Johnson (writer) and Scott Van Domelen (artist) at the helm. 

Remember when the Rat Queens comic was crazy stupid hot? It still commands a decent payday due to speculators camping out on the fact it still may become a television series. Their first full appearance was in Rat Queens #1 (2013). Their second series begins this Wednesday; Rat Queens #1. Kurtis Wiebe writes and Owen Gieni pencils.

Extremity #1
Click To Buy/Bid – Extremity #1
Rat Queens #1 2013
Click To Buy/Bid – Rat Queens #1 2013
Rat Queens #1
Click To Buy/Bid – Rat Queens #1
Riverdale #1
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From Action Lab/Danger Zone, a comic that has all the markings of a fun time, Amerikarate #1. An 80’s take on most of the movie action heroes of the day. Amerikarate leads the way. Written by Brockton McKinney and art from Devin Roth. The variants are all tributes to the 80’s. Fun stuff here. Also from Action Lab/Danger Zone; Dollface St. Patricks Day Special #1. Dan Mendoza writes and Marcelo Trom pencils.

Storytime kids! Grab some transmission fluid, coffee, hot cocoa, Optimus Prime tells us when he first met Bumblebee in Transformers Annual #1 (IDW).

Amelia Cole pulls Excalibur from the stone. See what happens after that in Once And Future Queen #1 (Dark Horse). Amelia Cole first appeared in Amelia Cole And The Unknown World #1 from MonkeyBrain Comics (2012). The original writer; Adam Knave and artist Nick Brokenshire are back for this new Dark Horse series.
The Dregs #2 (Black Mask). Brave Chef Brianna #1 (Boom Studios). Jeff Lemire Royal City #1 (Image Comics).

Transformers Annual #1
Transformers Annual #1
The Dregs #2
The Dregs #2
Royal City #1
Royal City #1
Amerikarate #1
Amerikarate #1
Dollface St Patricks Day Special #1
Dollface St #1









Super Sons #1 Joker
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