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With countless appearances as the second or third wheel, Marvel will try their hand again at a Man-Thing solo series. Fanboys will inform others how great this character is and not realize that the longest duration a Man-Thing series ever lasted was 22 issues. We’re not saying Man-Thing is not a cool character, what we’re saying is to not get too vested in the series. Writer Chris Claremont couldn’t even save the 1979 series from cancelation. History has left fans holding the last issue of a Man-thing series in their hand asking themselves when will the next issue arrive and it never does. However, with all that said, one big factor with the 2016 Man-Thing #1 release is the writer. R.L. Stine. This man is a bestselling horror novelist (the ones with no pictures). Google him if you do not know the name. He will be the one to make this title an interesting read, we almost guarantee this. Not only will he write the series, but he’ll be writing a new horror story after the regular Man-Thing story. What happens once he leaves this title is a different story. If Marvel happens to snag Stephen King to write a few issues, we’ll have something going again. Granted any writer may step up to the plate and knock it out of the park, but there is a reason this character’s longest solo venture was only 22 issues. He’s not a sustainable, memorable character that readers really care about. We unfortunately are doomed for history to repeat itself here, but before that happens, let’s enjoy the R.L. Stine run. Okay Man-Thing fanboys, take your Xanax now, you’ll be alright.
Not only will Gwenpool show off her a sword and shield skills in Gwenpool #13, but that Venomized cover is crazy good. Kudos to Yasmine Putri.

Here’s the thing with Marvel’s ‘Venomized‘ covers. A lot of these covers could essentially become the first appearance (cameo) if Marvel decides to revisit one of these Venomized characters in the future. Some of the Venomized looks are absolutely on point, some are just okay. The Gwenpool Venom is on point.

Gwenpool #13 Yasmine Putri
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Man Thing #1
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Deathstroke #14
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Worlds Finest #23 2014
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Action Comics #975
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Grass Kings #1
Buy/Bid – Grass Kings #1
Infinite Seven #2
Buy/Bid – Infinite Seven #2
I.T. The Secret World of Modern Banking #1
Buy/Bid – World Banking #1
Redline #1
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Tanya Spears (Powergirl II) makes an appearance to help out Deathstroke in Deathstroke #14. If you want to track down the first appearance of Powergirl II, it won’t be that hard to find. She debuted three years ago in Worlds Finest #23 (2014). Bill Sienkiewicz provides a fantastic variant.
Action Comics #975 will be a double size anniversary issue.

InvestComics Indie Hot Picks.
Grass Kings #1 from Boom Studios. Written by Matt Kindt and art by Tyler Jenkins. This comic will probably sell out.
Action Lab/Danger Zone will offer their follow-up to a well-received Infinite Seven #1 issue. Check out Infinite Seven #2 this Wednesday. Writer Dave Dwonch and art from Arturo Mesa and Geraldo Filho.
Redline #1 (Oni Press) takes us on a journey to living on Mars with Denton Coyle. Written by Neal Holman, art by Kelly Fitzpatrick and Clayton McCormack.
From Blackbox Comics; I.T.: The Secret World of Modern Banking #1. Written and drawn by Scott McDaniel.
Amigo Comics slaps Wednesday in the face with two new comics; Street Tiger #1 and Cabinet of Doctor Caligari #1.

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Super Sons #1 Joker
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