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This week, new comic book release day 7/5/17.

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We all love Jim Lee right? Heck, InvestComics had an entire Creator Spotlight on Jim Lee right HERE from 2015. Why are we talking Jim Lee? Well, it’s because Marvel has this bright idea of the ‘Jim Lee Card Covers’ campaign and they’re……well…..very underwhelming. They show their 90’s age and we get it, but not when we know what we can truly get from Jim. We’re not being a Debbie downer, we’re being honest (which we have always been). Take a look at the Champions, Daredevil, AvengersIron Fist, SpiderMan, X-Men Gold card covers and you tell us different. Not from a fanboys perspective, but a true gauge. Very retro and not feeling it. The All-New Wolverine #22 card cover is the standalone that wins us over. If there are more Jim Lee card covers coming, we hope they become more appealing.
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The very successful Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe #1 spawned a number of copycats as well another very successful ‘Marvel kill book’; Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1. Now Marvel goes back to the well and makes Deadpool do it all over again in Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #1. We don’t make this stuff up, or the titles, we report on it. Written by the awesome Cullen Bunn and art by Michael Walsh.

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The new Spider-Man Homecoming movie comes out next week. It will have the Vulture as Spidey’s main adversary. Spider-Man: The Master Plan #1 is a new story where Spidey does battle with The Crime Master. It also has a bonus reprinting of Amazing Spider-Man #2 in it. Yes that one, the first appearance of the Vulture. See, we came full circle there. Writer Robbie Thompson and artist Nathan Stockman.
InvestComics informed readers a long while ago about a silly Marvel character name Slapstick. Right after informing our loyal fans, the first appearance went from a 50 cent comic to a ten dollar book. After we brought up that Slapstick could be a breakout character, he was announced to appear in a cartoon. Then his own series came out. Now he makes his second appearance within the Spider-Man/Deadpool series (Spider-Man/Deadpool #3 his first) in this Wednesday’s Spider-Man/Deadpool #19. The ‘One More Day’ rip from Joe Quesada is lovely. Kudos to Will Robson for this. Spider-Man/Deadpool #19 will be a two-part story with the trio Spidey/Deadpool/Slapstick. Slapstick #1 (1992) is the first appearance of this ridiculous character and $10 can snag him for your collection. And so what, we think Slapstick has more upside, who would have ever thought a talking raccoon would make any sense. Written by Joshua Corin and art by Will Robson.
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We usually don’t cover any of the Marvel ‘True Believer’ comics, they are reprints, but we have a certain love for that Spider-Man #1 True Believers (original) Todd McFarlane cover, so we mention it. That’s it. Thank you for your attention.
Star Wars #33. 33 is our favorite number. No reason to mention this awesomely written series otherwise.

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Deathstroke #21 will be a major turning point for the character. For the first time ever, Slade, A.K.A. Deathstroke, will don a cape and wear a new costume. He’s a superhero now. No more an assassin for hire. He brings with him a new superhero team that debuted in the last issue. This issue though, the NEW Deathstroke joins his NEW team. Writer Christopher Priest brings the new hero to life, as artist Diogenes Neves brings the new visual.
It seems DC Comics cannot print enough Batman #24 comics. The ‘Marry Me’ issue hits its third printing this week.
Part two of ‘The War of Jokes and Riddles’; Batman #26. Written by Tom King. Illustrated by Mikel Janin.
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InvestComics Indie Hot Picks;
Sacred Creatures #1 (Image Comics). Writers Klaus Janson & Pablo Raimondi (artist). A 66 page debut.
A subtle, but yet a keen comic fan will see the cover swipe (homage) right away with Ash vs The Army of Darkness #1. Pasquale Qualano honors the Jurgens/Breeding Superman #75 (Death of Superman) cover.
It’s hard to believe the Archie Comics character Sabrina was introduced almost 55 years ago and her father and mother were first introduced in 2007. Crazy right? Sabrina the Teenage Witch #89 (2007) is the issue we are speaking off. This week, her daddy, Edward Spellman makes his sixth ever appearance in Sabrina #7. We get his origin story. 55 years later. It comes with a spectacular Moritat cover too.

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On a regular basis, the debut of any AfterShock Comic seems to sellout. This week fans get a new title from writer Cullen Bunn; Unholy Grail #1. Art by Mirko Colak.
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Red 5 Comics has peeked our interest with After Eden #1. Adam and Eve need to start over and fall in love again. The human race depends on it. Brought to us by writer Scott Chitwood and artist Rod Thornton.
Kim & Kim Love is a Battlefield #1 (Black Mask Comics). The girls are back in this four-part series. Writer Magdalene Visaggio and artist Eva Cabrera.
Hanazuki Full of Treasures #1 (IDW). The debut and origin of Hanazuki. Written by David Mariotte and art by Nico Pena.
Diablo House #1 (IDW); Writer Ted Adams and artist Santiperez.

After & Eden #1
Sacred Creatures #1
Kim & Kim Battlefield #1
Hanazuki #1
Unholy Grail #1








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