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This week, new comic book release day 8/16/17.

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Buy/Bid – Dark Nights Metal #1
Buy/Bid – Injustice #11
Buy/Bid – Superman #29
Buy/Bid – Awesome Hulk #22










A possible big introduction within the continuity of Superman and the DC Universe this week in Superman #29. Yellow Lantern Superman may debut. The Ryan Sook cover shows Superman in full Yellow Lantern garb. Could it be? Obvious, yes, but who knows really. Let’s all check this comic out and see if this really is what we think it is. Yellow Lantern Superman did first appear in Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Two #11 in 2014. This story was outside of the realm of continuity and Superman #29 will be inside the DCU, so you make the call as to which you feel is the true first appearance.
Another ‘devastating, push to their limits, never seen, etc…’ event from DC Comics this Wednesday. This time is under the name Dark Nights: Metal #1. We’re almost certain this comic (and series) will be a great read (Scott Snyder) with amazing art (Greg Capullo/Danny Miki), but can we ease up on the throttle a bit with the hype ‘THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING’ rhetoric? Let readers decide. We’re smart. Well, some of us are, but still. A new Duke costume and superhero name does not account for all of the hype. Relax. Dial it back a little.

Buy/Bid – All-New Wolverine #1
Buy/Bid – Generations #1
Buy/Bid – Secret Warriors #4
Buy/Bid – Wolverine XMen #19










Comic fans have waited patiently for the new Hulk with Wolverine claws to debut. The wait is over this week. Totally Awesome Hulk #22 introduces Batch H/Weapon H in his first FULL appearance. InvestComics gave fans a heads up on this comic a few weeks ago and even provided an Ebay link to buy this comic early. Well now….sold out across the board and Ebay has this comic at $20 or more already. Writer Greg Pak and artist Robert Gill bring fans a new Hulk character that could be around for years to come if there is a positive response and from the looks of it….Weapon H may have arrived.
While a new Hulk character is introduced this week, an older one could be meeting his fate in U.S. Avengers #9. Will Marvel off the Red Hulk to make room for the Hulk with claws?
Marvel continues their ‘Generations’ books this week. In some cases, pitting the ‘old’ verses the ‘new’. Although it seems we are getting more of a team-up comic this week; Generations: Wolverine & All New Wolverine #1. Creators, writer Tom Taylor and artist Ramon Rosanas. Contrary to the promotions (a bit) from Marvel, this is not the first, real official meeting between these two. They met way back in 2016 (insert sarcasm); All-New Wolverine #1.
One of the strangest characters to arrive in a long time gets a ‘focal’ book this week. Generation X #5 ‘focuses’ on the character Eye-Boy. In case you really dig this character and you’re in the market for the first appearance, find Wolverine & The X-Men #19 (2012).
Manifold will join the Black Panther team in Black Panther & The Crew #5. Manifold first appeared in Secret Warriors #4 (2009).

Buy/Bid – Divinity #0
Buy/Bid – Black Panther #5
Buy/Bid – Generation X #5
Buy/Bid – U.S. Avengers #9










Indie Hot Picks;
One of the best storytelling independent comics comes out with a relaunch this Wednesday. Divinity #0 is a jumping on point for the readers that have yet to discover one of the best kept secrets within the comic book industry. That is, Valiant Entertainment. Divinity #0 written by Matt Kindt and drawn by Renato Guedes.
A relaunch from Dynamite Entertainment; Sheena #0. Creators Marguerite Bennett/Christina Trujillo (writers), art by Moritat. A scarce J. Scott Campbell will be available with the release.
Genius Cartel #1 (Image Comics); Writers Marc Bernardin/Adam Freeman and artist Rosi Kampe.
Mage The Hero Denied #1 (Image Comics); Writer/artist Matt Magner.
Spy Seal #1 (Image Comics); Writer/artist Rich Tommaso.

Buy/Bid – Shenna #0
Buy/Bid – Genius #1
Buy/Bid – Spy Seal #1









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