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This week, new comic book release day 9/13/17.

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Buy/Bid – Action Comics #987
Buy/Bid – Action Comics #987
Buy/Bid – Supergirl #13
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Weapon X #8

A possible introduction of a new villain in Dark Nights Metal #2. Maybe it’s just the Court of Owls? That Andy Kubert cover says this….Either way, still a great story thus far.
Mr. Oz reveals his identity in Action Comics #987 (Dan Jurgens & Viktor Bogdanovic). Part one of ‘The Oz Effect’. Two covers (Nick Bradshaw), the lenticular and non-lenticular are equally on point. Although ‘Mr. Oz’ will give readers the big ‘reveal’ he will turn out to be a character from long ago, but his first appearance as ‘Mr. Oz’ is in Superman #32 (2011).
The new Harley Quinn comic this week has a nice little reason for a collector to pick it up. Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1 celebrates….well the 25th year of her existence. Duh, but that’s not the reason this books cracks into the Hot Picks this week. DC Comics informs the fans that there will be creators all over this comic that have never worked on the Harley Quinn character before. Lots of first Harley work to check out, but from whom? Find out on Wednesday.
A villain named Bloodwork makes his (its) first appearance in Flash #30. Creative team; Joshua Williamson & Neil Googe.
Midtown Comics is limiting customers to only one copy per; Supergirl #13 – Stanley Artgerm Lau variant. Why the mention? Well, it’s a regular priced variant cover, so what’s up with that? And it’s going for almost double its cover price already in the aftermarket. Great cover though!

Buy/Bid – Dark Metal #2
Buy/Bid – Flash #30
Buy/Bid – Harley 25th #1
Buy/Bid – Venomverse #2










Marvel’s Generation comics continue, with two captains; Generations Captain Marvel & Captain Mar-Vell #1. Creators: Margaret Stohl & Brent Schoonover.
The Runaways television show will be arriving soon and Marvel Comics will be there to cash in with a new Runaways series. Runaways #1 will be the series’ fifth volume. InvestComics released a Runaways comics checklist back in September of 2016. You can check this out by clicking right HERE. Make sure to check out all of our checklists right HERE.
The new Weapon H character is still wet behind the ears and he’s already receiving a Venomized cover; Weapon X #8 by Greg Land. Oh yes, it’s sold out already.
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Venomverse #2 features Venom vs Poison Spider-Man. This is full of awesome as is this Venomverse series/event.
The late Michael Turner pops up every so often with a ‘remastered variant’. This time it’s Secret Empire Omega #1. InvestComics released a Michael Turner Creator Spotlight back in August 2016. You can click right HERE to check that out. What a super talent, gone way too soon.
Amazing Spider-Man #32 sets up the Spider-Man ‘event’ in 2018. Yes, that’s correct, 2018.

Buy/Bid – Amazing Spider-Man #129
Buy/Bid – Amerikarate #6
Buy/Bid – Realm #1
Buy/Bid – Secret Empire Omega #1









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InvestComics Indie Hot Picks;
Image Comics’ Realm #1  feels like a Mad Max/Walking Dead/Game of Thrones mash-up book. Look for sell-outs almost immediately upon release. Creators: Seth Peck, Jeremy Haun & Nick Filardi. The Tony Moore (cover B) is stellar. A definite ‘InvestComics Best Comic Covers Of The Week’ book.
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The Retcon #1 Image Comics solicit is one of the most confusing but funny things we’ve seen in a while. It’s a reboot of a comic that never existed as it embarks on an all-new issue number one! Huh? Okay, you’ll make us buy it. Creators: Matt Nixon & Toby Cypress.
Sheena #1 from Dynamite Entertainment. Creators: Marguerite Bennett, Christina Trujillo & Moritat.
Shinobi Ninja Princess Lightning Oni #1 (Action Lab Entertainment). Creator Martheus Wade.

We here at InvestComics had a chance recently to speak with Carol Zara. Carol and Eric Barnett released their comic last week and it’s called Alien Toilet Monsters #1. The reviews are in and nothing but good things are being said here. This comic is not a typical toilet humor type comic, it’s an actual story that involves aliens, guns and a bad as* girl at the helm. This awesomely fun comic is only available at certain comic conventions the ATM crew will be attending. It’s also available if you ask your comic store to order directly from them. The Alien Toilet Monsters site can be seen by clicking right HERE. ATM have their social media pages in tow as well. Follow Carol Zara on Facebook and Instagram as she keeps things updated on a regular basis on what’s what with ATM.

Buy/Bid – Amz Spider-Man #32
Buy/Bid – Marvel – Mar-Vell #1
Buy/Bid – Runaways #1
Buy/Bid – Sheena #1










Sink #1 (ComixTribe). Creators: John Lees & Alex Cormack.
Valiant Entertainment relaunch’s their Ninjak’s series with Ninjak #0. Creators: Matt Kindt, Christos Gage, Francis Portela and others.
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Action Lab Entertainment/Danger Zone comics’ Amerikarate #6 features a homage cover from Dave Perillo. Dave pays tribute to Kane/Romita Sr./Gaspar Amazing Spider-Man #129 (1974). This homage cover is sold out.
Hard to believe the video game Wolfenstein was never adapted as a comic. It was a huge selling video game. Anyway, Titan Comics gets to present Wolfenstein #1 to a legion of potential fans. Creators: Dan Watters, Piotr Kowalski & Ronilson Friere.

Buy/Bid – Ninjak #0
Buy/Bid – Shinobi #1
Buy/Bid – Sink #1
Buy/Bid – Wolfenstein #1
Buy/Bid – Retcon #1








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