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This week, new comic book release day 11/1/17.

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Superman #34 is actually Superman #800. So says the Tony Daniel variant. Furthermore, Is this the first appearance of Lois Lane, Female Fury? If so, take a look-see and decide if it’s worth your $3.99 or $4.99 or whatever they will charge for this 800th issue.
Writer Jimmy Palmiotti ushers in a new era of The Jetsons along with artist Pier Brito. Anyone who grew up during the airing of this show during the 1960’s and reruns during the 70’s, knows that it was must watch television. Jetsons #1 will be must read comics. The new style here will have many historians of the old Jetsons show trying to untie their panties from bunching up. Relax, seriously. Just a cartoon and everything is open to anyone’s interpretation. Breathe fanboy, breathe.

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A new Neal Adams comic? Deadman #1? Yes, sign us up. The variant comes with a glow in the dark cover as well. The 90’s sure is rearing its ugly head. Don’t mind at all, it’s all in fun!
Spider-Man #234 features the NEW Sinister Six. The team consist of Iron-Spider, Electro, Sandman, Hobgoblin, The Spot and new villain Bombshell. If a collector wanted to purchase any of these first appearances from this new team put together by Iron-Spider, it can be a bit costly. Except for one. Can you guess which character would cost you less than five bucks in some places? This is easy, right? Of course, it’s The Spot. The Spot first appeared in The Spectacular Spider-Man #98 (1985). The Spot looks totally cool on the cover posted here too. Thanks to cover artist Patrick Brown.
InvestComics recommended that collectors get on top of Power Pack #1 (first appearance) a few years back and then a movie announcement hit recently. We pull this off quite often. Boy we are good to our fans! The announcement of a Power Pack movie was well received. Now let’s see how the return of the Power Pack comic book fares. Power Pack #63 from writer Devin Grayson and illustrators Cresta and Marika. June Brigman, the original Power Pack #1 (1984) artist treats fans to a variant Power Pack #63 cover.

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InvestComics Indie Hot Picks;
Bernie Wrightson WAS and IS and will ALWAYS BE a legendary artist. ‘The Master of Macabre’.
There are no words to truly justify this man’s work.  InvestComics released a Creator Spotlight post featuring Bernie Wrightson back in April of 2015. You can check that out right HERE. This week IDW Publishing releases Bernie Wrightson Artifact Edition. A montage of some of his unfinished work and so much more. A must for any comic book fan or comic artist.
The Gravediggers Union #1 (Image Comics); creators. Wesley Craig, Toby Cypress and Niko Guardia.

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