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Buy/Bid – Batman Annual #2
Buy/Bid – Batman Creature #1
Buy/Bid – Showcase #1 1984
Buy/Bid – Showcase 2017 #1









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Buy/Bid – Spider-Gwen #26

DC Comics will bring back a great concept book this Wednesday. A comic dedicated to up and coming creators within the industry. In 1984, I recall the New Talent Showcase #1 (1984) comic being a book I truly was looking forward to. I was curious to witness the new blood coming down the pike. The series lasted only 15 issues. Here’s a couple of things to note regarding a comic dedicated to the new talents in the industry. These are points regarding DC’s New Talent Showcase comics in general. First, back in 1984’s version of this series, DC blew all of their “new talent” out too quick. In other words, why would you put so many talents in ONE book, thus not giving the fans MORE of a new talent’s work instead? Don’t give us 10 new writers or artist in on book. Spread it out. Give us two stories with two new creative teams per book, thus making room for more comics to sell in the long run. And the series will last much longer as well. The advertising would consist of leading up to a new creative team(s) by teasing their work well before the releases of their particular story. Make sense? Instead DC will release their New Talent Showcase 2017 #1 this Wednesday with approximately four writers and six artists. Let’s spread this out guys. The second thing, back in 84, these new creators showed off ALL-NEW characters. Why not stick with this plan and wait for one or two or more to hit a chord with fans and run with it from there. It’s a great testing point to create new content for your fans and possibly make money with a new character(s). Having “new talent” draw Batman, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, etc. is like having a great singer on a talent show sing a Whitney Houston song. Doing an original is where talent really shines. This IS a testing book anyways isn’t it? Third, some of the “new talent” here are in fact not all that new. Yes, their library is not as extensive as others, but they do have quite a few books in their library. The actual first professional work (year) for some of these creators looks something like this, 2009, 2010, 2002, 2003, 2016 and 2005. That’s a 15-year span on one of them, that’s not a “new talent”. Neither is the one from 14 years or 12 years….ahhh! Why not make this a TRUE new talent book? It would be a super anticipated DC series for fans if the format was truly NEW TALENT. Someone wet behind the ears, fresh out of college or an undiscovered talent living in their parent’s basement. Lastly, the New Talent Showcase 2017 #1 sports a cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. Really?? Ugh, really? We get it, fans love this team, It’ll get eyeballs on it, but why? This makes little to no sense except the fact they’re showing no confidence in a “new talent” to get the job done and sell a comic from its cover. Come on DC, get with it. This is lame.

Buy/Bid – Super Sons Annual #1
Buy/Bid – Batman & Robin #2
Buy/Bid – Adventure #210
Buy/Bid – JLA Annual #1







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Super Sons Annual #1 is the first met and greet between Krypto and Titus. Yes, they are dogs and hopefully we do not get the first time “real life” meeting of two dogs. That would be gross. And just in case you’re in the market for first appearances of K-9’s, Titus first appeared in Batman and Robin #2 (2011) and Krypto first appeared in Adventure Comics #210 (1955). They are spayed and neutered already too. We know this for a fact. We fact checked.
Get in on the early origin story of when Batman and Catwoman first met. It happens in Batman Annual #2. Written by Tom King and art by Lee Weeks. With a creative tandem like this, you know it’s going to be good.

A new Green Lantern epic story lines hits Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #33 this week. Check out “Twillight Of The Guardians” part one. Creators Robert Venditti and Jackson Herbert.
Sticking with the thought of a great team, Batman Creature Of The Night #1 will feature a new spin on the young Master Wayne’s struggle within. Check out a new tale that changes the way you have always thought of the death of Bruce Wayne’s parent’s and how Bruce emerges as the Batman. The emotional aspect of Bruce comes to light here. Creators Kurt Busiek and John Paul Paul Leon.
If you’re a Lobo fan, then Justice League Of America Annual #1 is right up your alley. A full length story teaming with Black Canary as secrets about Lobo are revealed. Artist Kelley Jones! And writer Steve Orlando.
DC’s new bi-monthly series; Mystik U #1 this Wednesday. Alisa Kwitney and Mike Norton. Collector’s know Zatanna’s first appearance, but her second appearance occured in Detective Comics #336 (1965). 

Darkhawk #51
Darkhawk #50
Darkhawk #1
Mystik U #1
Detective Comics #336






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Gwenom became an instant hit for Marvel. Now part two of Gwenom; Spider-Gwen #26. A ridiculously awesome Robbi cover too. That’ll make the Best of… this week.
A semi-popular character in the early 90’s makes his return to comics this week. Well, not really returning, but continuing where he left off in his own series at issue number fifty (1995). Darkhawk has appeared sparingly throughout the years right up to an appearance in last years Captain America Sam Wilson #11. It’s actually been a year since he was last seen, so why are we getting a new lease on life exactly? Marvel wants it, so Marvel delivers it. Darkhawk first appeared in his self-titled series; Darkhawk #1 (1991). The new Darkhawk series starts off with Darkhawk #51, with a killer David Nakayama comic cover. Anyone notice how Mr. Nakayama has been nailing some of these comic covers lately? Check out our Best Comic Covers Of The Week post each week, he makes the cut every week now. Always on point since coming onto the scene in 2001, but we’re officially on team Nakayama.

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InvestComics Indie Hot Picks; Indie comics do not always show up on Ebay right way. Please check back on a regular basis, some of the smaller print indie books usually list after new comic book release day or a few days after.

G.I. Joe #246
Giantkillers #0
Hal Green Lantern #33
Ominous Press #1
Spawn #280






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Spawn #280 Special 666 print run

Returning readers here would know we gave a heads up regarding a new character emerging from the Spawn series. It seems as though the emergence of this new Spawn character superhero is closer to appearing than before in Spawn #280. This could be the true introduction issue so keep an eye out on this. The special McFarlane/Mattina variant print run of 666 copies is blowing up on Ebay right now. 
Emerging (appearing) as a definite new character this week will be the new Snake-Eyes in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #246. SHE looks like a bad-as* and we cannot wait to read this one. Check out some of the great covers appearing on our Best Covers… coming soon.
Straight from the Ominous Press World Premiere #1 (2016) comes Giantkillers #0. All-star creative power here; Ron Marz and Bart Sears. Look for a possible sell-out here.
If the fidget spinner sticks as the final cover of the new Trump’s Titans #2, it will be the first fidget spinner cover ever!! Watch as the other speculative websites pick this up as a MUST BUY!!! We’re just messing and having some fun with the nonsense that goes on. Kind of like the Harley Quinn RARE appearance in that Scooby Doo comic everyone bought into. More nonsense.
Red Giant Productions hits fans with four new number one comics; Darchon #1, Wayward Sons #1, Katrina #1 and Markipiler #1. Mark Fischbach is a Youtube sensation with 11.5 million subs, so it’s quite obvious Red Giant is trying to hit this audience. Although this is not an innovation at all. Nothing new here. Several other comic companies have tried creating a comic book with the Youtube sensation/multiple subscriber and have come away with lack-luster results. Maybe this time will be different and fans of Mark will buy into this comic book venture and make it worth the effort.
The Trump train continues in the comic book world this week with How the Trump Stole Christmas (Antarctic Press). The Brian Denham solicit is an absolute gem here. So much so here it is, word for word. Too funny. “It might be an orange Christmas this y-WRONG! We’re going to have a gold Christmas! We have a new cover, the best cover, a cover that is…is just incredible, it’s incredibly gold. The fake news media probably won’t even report this cover, or they’ll tell you it’s orange, but you know the truth. We are going to have gold foil editions available, and it’ll be so easy to get one, believe us.” Bravo guys, bravo.
Sink from ComixTribe continues to be a hit with the fans. With last months Jock homage cover selling out and drawing even more attention to the series, Sink #3 hits this week. Sink your teeth into this hot series because everyone else has and you’re probably missing out.
Labyrinth 2017 Special #1 (Boom Studios) – Various.
Black Mask Gravetrancers #1 – M.L. Miller and James Whynot.
From Red 5, Chasing Hitler #1 and Duel Identity #1.
Sword Of Ages #1 (IDW) – Gabriel Rodriguez.

Labyrinth 2017 #1
Trump Stole Christmas
Sink #3
Sword Of Ages #1
Trump’s Titans #1





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