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An interview with the lovely Amy Vitale! The Red Angel…….


1. Welcome Amy. Thanks for coming onboard for the interview. First up, for those that haven’t heard yet of Amy Vitale, what is it that you do? And how did you initially get into it? 

(Amy Vitale) Thank you for the interview. I’m a model, actress, and I guess you can say a comic book hero. Haha! My family has people in the entertainment industry. So, you can say it’s in the blood. 

I always entertained people while growing up, whether it be dancing, performing in plays, and having my own puppet shows. I loved and still love to entertain people. 

2. I noticed that among some of your interests is Wrestling. Do you actually do the Wrestling thing? And if so, won any titles? 

(AV) I’m actually a manager/valet. I usually play the bad girl but once in awhile I can play the lil’ good girl. But, don’t let me being a manager full you. I’m one tough cookie. I’ve been known to get into cat fights and get involved in the matches. My slaps are the talk of the town!! 

3. Since we are on a comic book web site right now, who’s your favorite Comic Character? 

(AV) Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Phoenix, Vampirella, Poison Ivy, Joker, and Harley Quinn. 

4. You are involved with What The Flux Comics publishing in a title called Red Angel, how is it that you are the focal point? And the character has a striking resemblance to you! 

(AV) At last year’s Florida Supercon, I went around collecting business cards from comic book companies because I always wanted to be a comic book character. That’s when I came across What The Flux Comics. I called and got in touch with President Larry Jarrell. He loved my look and was impressed with what I’ve done. He threw a couple of ideas at me until one stuck. The idea that stuck was Red Angel. Which fit perfectly, hence red hair, and I’m an angel. Haha! Plus, she’s a sexy girl that can kick butt. That has my name all over it. But, I think it was WTF Comics’ goal to make this character look as much like me as they could. Artist Russ Leach did a perfect job of doing just that. 

5. Would you rather read either a book on Biology or a book on Science Fiction? 

(AV) Science Fiction. Hands down! There’s not even a question. 

6. If you were given the chance to take on the role of any female comic character for a movie, cartoon, or TV series. Who would you want to take on? And why? 

(AV) Buffy The Vampire Slayer, because I love Vampires and she represents girl power all the way. I’m all about girls kicking butt. There’s nothing wrong with being a damsel in distress, but it can get old after awhile. I remember faithfully watching the series and thinking I would love to play the slayer, or one of her enemy vampires, goddesses, or slayers. I’m hoping that one day I can get that opportunity. It would certainly be a dream come true. Hey, maybe if Josh Whedon ever gets the itch to do the series again? 

7. What kind of music does Amy Vitale listen to? 

(AV) I listen to all the popular music of today like Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Pitbull, and etc. I’m also a fist pumper to dance music, and I love to rock out with rock music like the 80’s hair bands, Led Zeppelin, and today’s rock music. 

8. What is one thing you haven’t done, but would like to do? 

(AV) Play guitar. I so want to rock out with a guitar. Maybe rock out with a band dressed up as a sexy rocker chick. But, I guess I have to take lessons first because I can’t play a thing. I don’t even know what a note is. 

9. Out of all the Wrestling Promotions you’ve worked with. Who has been your absolute favorite? 

(AV) I feel like I’m getting asked a trick question because the only way I can honestly answer that question is that all of them have been my favorites. I must have had chemistry with every promoter I worked with because they totally got my character, and used me the right way. I enjoyed working with each and every person that I came across with. My wrestling brothers and sisters are all so awesome!! 

10. Okay Amy thank you so much for your time, everyone should be sure to check you out on Facebook, Red Angel comic, and your wrestling gigs. But before we go, do you have any words of wisdom for us? 

(AV) Yes, to not give up on your dreams. I always stick by what I say, and I know I’ve said this a million times. Things are not just going to come to you in life. You have to buckle down and work hard for them. In the entertainment world, you have to hold your head up high, keep away from the demons, and never give up. Believe me the rewards are wonderful! 

To find out more about Amy Vitale and her latest appearances, visit her web site at or go to the Amy Vitale Facebook page;!/amyvitalefans 


-Robert McClelland


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