InvestComics Newsletter – August 2013

InvestComics Newsletter – August 2013


Welcome to the latest InvestComics Newsletter.
CONTEST below! But first we cover the News and other happenings at IC.

Since we last sent out a newsletter, InvestComics Publications was announced and is now on the verge of becoming a reality. The very first issue in the arsenal; The Dawning #1 will be available in variety of ways, via the InvestComics website, via ebay, or via some comic shop retailers. Because the comic shops that are supporting this new venture, each one of them will get a special recognition via the InvestComics Hot Picks article and on the InvestComics Facebook page. Look for more on all of this very shortly on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else we are!
Be sure to LIKE the InvestComics Publications Facebook Page HERE to get the FIRST scoop on The Dawning #1. A Variant Cover will be available as well! That’s right!! Stay tuned!

We have some new sponsors that we’d like to mention. Comiclink and GPAnalysis. These websites play a tremendous role in the InvestComics business scheme and we highly recommend that you visit them. Comiclink is a huge auction house outfit, while GPAnalysis is the direct link to anything regarding any CGC comic in existence. Any serious comic collector should be signed up to GPAnalysis. If you are not, get on it! GPAnalysis will carry a news feed directly to their site from InvestComics. Comiclink provides a banner on the front page of our website so that collectors can easily click on it to browse through (and bid) the latest and greatest auctions on comics like Amazing Fantasy #15, and Batman #1. They have some serious game, so check them out.
Terry Hoknes joined the InvestComics team to bring our fans stats on comic books to the likes that no other comic website has ever seen. We’re talking stats: comic ranks, the value, the cover price, and SO much more! If you need any convincing click HERE for the “Marvel Comics 2013 – Sold Out – Out Of Print” or HERE for “Every Number One Issue of 2013” or HERE for “Best Selling Comics Of The Decade 2010-2013” or HERE for “The Walking Dead – Complete Run History.” Yes these are just a few of what Terry is bringing Jimmy Palmiotti Signed Nick Fury #1to the table. Tremendous job here, you must check it out.
Our friends at – Personal Finance Website have been providing some very cool infographics to InvestComics as of late. Click right HERE to see the latest – “The Top 10 Financial Facts About Comic Books.” A fabulous well done, well thought out, well put together Infographic. A MUST SEE.

A new comic book reviewer joined the ranks, her name is Brianna Floss. Bri brings her comic book reviews on a weekly basis with straight forward honesty and constructive criticism. Check out her reviews on InvestComics, feel free to contact or follow Bri at

The weekly InvestComics Hot Picks have expanded. The new article is called InvestComics Hot Pick: Single Issue. The reason for this article is to point out random issues that need your attention or simply have no bearing on anything actually! Maybe there is uniqueness to a comic that you may have missed over the years? Maybe a comic that has a first appearance you may not be aware of? It could be any reason that a comic may appear within this article. The most recent Hot Pick: Single is an example of a comic that might be flying under the radar just a tad. Check out InvestComics Hot Pick: Single Issue – Captain America #186 right HERE.

A recently lost (inadvertently) video Interview with Jimmy Palmiotti from MegaCon 2013 was posted to InvestComics recently. Click HERE to check that out. And because of the delay, how about a signed copy of Nick Fury #1 from Jimmy?! That sound good?? Check out the picture of Jimmy with YOUR comic! Well there is ONE simple rule to become eligible to win. SHARE the InvestComics Facebook Page AND Twitter on YOUR page(s) and you are in the running! That’s it! Please let InvestComics know either by Facebook or Twitter that you shared or you will be overlooked. (U.S. residents only, sorry)

That’s it for now. As always, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz – CEO
InvestComics/InvestComics Publications

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