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Matman Joins the InvestComics™ Team!



Straight from the Secret Identity Podcast web site!!


Identity would like to take this time to announce our latest
relationship! A few months back, Matman and Brian started a very
fruitful relationship with the gang over at InvestComics. Now that
relationship has gone to the next level! Our very own Matman has joined
the staff at InvestComics as a comic reviewer. Each week he will provide
a review for their website in that patented Secret Identity style!

"I get at
least 70 new comics a month," said Matman, "and I don’t always have a
place to talk about some of the other good ones I read. Each month I
review about 10 new books on the show and a few more on the website, so
this is where InvestComics really helps."

is a one stop shop for comic news, forums, reviews and everything else
you need to get more out of your comics and collecting. Since S.I. and
InvestComics first hooked up it has been a very fruitful relationship.
"Were here to help each other out," Matman adds. "With me being on their
site, the hope is their fans will come and see what we got going on,
and vice versa!

To read Matman’s first
review, click here.

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