InvestComics™ TV Podcast Press Release

1aaa1fljackalICTVfronrpage100x100308h2ygInvestComics™ and Tha Jackal team up to create Tha jackal on ICTV!!! Read more on this podcast that will forever change the comic book web site landscape!!! We are not kidding!! Read ahead to find out how!

Showcasing: Title reviews, and Featuring Interviews.

InvestComics™ has entered into an agreement with New Logic Entertainment talent, Tha JackaL to present news, reviews, and interviews for all things “comic book related.”

Tha JackaL also has a show on Soup Media Network, and has years of experience interviewing top level talent of all genres, and walks of life.

Now he brings his talent to InvestComics where he will interview some of the biggest names in the comic book industry, and break all the latest news in the world of comics, and graphic novels.

This show will be the first of it’s kind by being the very first comic book site anywhere to produce a 10 minute interview on a split screen video screen, and not only will InvestComics™, and Tha Jackal interview top level talent from the comic book world but also the world of films, and other comic book related media. This groundbreaking podcast will be the very first of it’s kind in the industry!

Also, there will be two 30 second commercial spots running on each podcast, they will be available to purchase. If you’re interested, send us the information and we will put it together for you. Contact Jay Katz at for more details. Get in fast because spots will fill up quick! 

The first creator to appear has over 25 years to his credit and will be announced this week, so keep your eyes peeled and ready for the next ICTV™ press release.

Viewers can find the webisodes at InvestComics homepage. ( Also check out the You Tube channel Tha Jackal on ICTV™ right here. An InvestComics™ TV (ICTV™) web site is on the horizon. The web site will focus on everything media. The web site is, but is in the construction stages right now so stay tuned for that as well.

For more information on the host, Tha JackaL, and his radio program please visit his website ( to stay up to date on all the latest news on what’s happening with “Tha JackaL.”

If you’d like more information about the show or would like to be interviewed on the show please contact us at

Click on the banner below to be directed to the You Tube channel.


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