Iron Man 2 is Number 1 at the Box Office!

Iron Man 2 brings in some impressive numbers, domestically as well as internationally, on it’s U.S. opening weekend!

Fans were excited this weekend when Iron Man 2 early Friday estimates put the movie at $52 million already, but when the dust settled, the total domestic take for Iron Man 2 this weekend was $133.6 million dollars. This number blows away the first Iron Man movie’s $98 million domestic opening weekend, though it still falls short of the Dark Knight’s record of $158.4 million. The opening has to be a hit for Marvel and Paramount, as it is the fifth largest opening gross ever, and the best ever for Paramount. In fact, Marvel has already announced another sequel to the film, to be produced in 2013.

Internationally, the movie also continued to rake in the cash. In it’s second international week, Iron Man 2 held onto the number one spot with a $57.4 million take, bringing the international total for two weeks to $198 million. That’s only $71 million shy of the original movies entire international gross, after only 12 days in theaters. The total combined worldwide take for the movie is now at $327.6 million.

Iron man 2 easily trounced such competition as Nightmare on Elm Street, which came in second with under $10 million. The next big competitor will be Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, which will hit theaters on May 14th.

Source: Hollywood Reporter
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Posted originally: 2010-05-10 09:03:59

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