It’s Really Happening – Joss Whedon to Direct The Avengers!

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This a fanboy dream come true. I don’t think anyone thought they’d ever wake up and read a headline saying that Joss Whedon, the geek creator of TV shows like &quot;Buffy&quot; and &quot;Firefly&quot;, would be directing the first big superhero team-up movie to ever hit the big screen – The Avengers. Deadline has confirmed the big news of the day: &quot;Marvel Studios is in final negotiations for Joss Whedon to direct Marvel Studios’ The Avengers.&quot; Earlier this month, it was rumored that Whedon was on the shortlist to direct, but no one seemed to believe it would actually happen. Joss Whedon’s The Avengers will hit theaters the first weekend of May in 2012.

Fleming lists a few confirmed superheroes that will be a part of the team: Iron Man ((Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), and SHIELD agent Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson). &quot;Other signature superheroes&quot; will be involved, but haven’t been announced yet. Whedon’s background is perfect for this movie, as he’s worked at Marvel before, specifically on the Astonishing X-Men series and a number of other comics. This is most certainly surprising news, but definitely good news. If there’s anyone who’ll be able to handle an immense cast of superheroes, it’s Joss Whedon. I just hope he doesn’t cast Eliza Dushku in this. What do you think of this? Will Joss Whedon do a good job with The Avengers?</td> </tr></table><span class="postbody">

<span style="font-weight: bold">I</span> hope he casts Eliza Dushku in a role involving tights or near nudity. 😀

So, her or Summer Glau for Janet Van Dyne? 😛

Honestly, I’d love to Morena Baccarin in the role.
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