Jeff Lemire on the Atom!

The Sweet Tooth writer takes on the DCU’s smallest hero in a one-shot and then a co-feature in Adventure Comics.

Jeff Lemire is a bit of an indie darling at the moment, Essex County, The Nobody and now Sweet Tooth are all fantastic comics, you really can’t praise them high enough, and now Lemire is making his first foray into the crazy world of superhero comics, as he begins work on The Atom.

The DCU source today revealed that Lemire would be writing (but not drawing, Mahmud A Asrar of Dynamo 5 fame has that job) the adventures of Ray Palmer, starting with a Brightest Day one-shot in July, and following that, in a series of 10 co-features alongside the Legion Of Super-Heroes in Adventure Comics.

DC also previewed the one-shot’s cover, which is by Gary Frank:

The Atom

This is bizarre news, I never expected Lemire to do superhero work, but it’s still great news, I’m sure he’ll have a unique take on Ray Palmer, can’t wait for this, it’s the best news to come out of Brightest Day for me.

Source: The DCU Source
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