Justice League kicks off the New DCU

Last night, at midnight, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 made it’s debut at comics stores across the country.  Stores like FAMOUS FACE & FUNNIES in Melbourne, FL  held events, had crowds, and the new flagship title flew off the shelves. We saw the new first meetings of Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman; and we witnessed our first peak at Vic (Cyborg) Stone’s new origin in the making.

Hungry for more? over at THE SOURCE BLOG, Dc revealed this two page spread from next month’s Justice league #2.

Note the gizmo on the bottom left, labeled “Sonic Disruptor”. This make me IMMENSLY happy, as the failed ’80’s maxi-series, SONIC DISRUPTORS (it was scheduled for 12 issues, but got canned at 7) has always given me the giggles. This nod to to this obscure chapter of DC history has done more to endear me to the relaunch than I’d care to admit.

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