Kat Dennings Not Hela in Thor, Instead… Darcy?!

Kat Dennings’ role in Marvel’s Thor has been revealed, and it isn’t as The Enchantress or Hela, but instead as… Darcy?

When it was announced that Nick and Nora star Kat Dennings would join the cast of Thor, many expected her to play the role of either Hela, goddess of the Underworld, or villainess The Enchantress. However, Variety has reported that Dennings will instead play the role of Darcy, who works with Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster.

All of these civilian characters seem to call into question Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige’s statement that Donald Blake will not appear in the Thor movie. In fact, the description of the movie states that it "centers on a partly disabled med student who discovers his Norse god alter ego, the hammer-swinging Thor." If this is true, could we be seeing a new alter ego for Thor, or perhaps a variation on the Blake character? Stay tuned for updates, and enjoy this video of one of Kat Dennings’ previous performances in the movie Without a Trace:

Source: Variety

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Posted originally: 2009-11-26 11:59:19

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