Louise Simonson on X-Factor Forever

The legendary writer returns to X-Factor for a 5-issue mini picking up where she left off in March 2010.

Chris Claremont’s return to the X-Men as he left them in X-Men Forever has been a surprise hit with fans (including many on this very site), so it’s a no brainer that Marvel are doing some more ‘Forever’ titles, starting with Louise Simonson and Dan Panosian on X-Factor: Forever, a 5-issue mini launching in March.

The mini will pick up right where she left the book with #64, way back in 1991. CBR have an exclusive interview with Simonson, where she talks about the book.

That world is different from present day Marvel
in a lot of ways, since what’s happened in present day continuity
doesn’t exist for these characters in this timeline. The original X-Men
are still together, though all have been transformed by events in their
continuity. Those events shook them, but, now, all are beginning to get
their acts together.

Jean remains troubled by memories that aren’t
hers and the occasional manifestation of Phoenix or Goblin Queen
personas . The infant Christopher hasn’t been infected by the transmode
virus by Apocalypse or carried off into the future. Cable isn’t
Christopher, returned. The Phalanx story and the "Age of Apocalypse"
don’t exist. The future, beyond "X-Factor" #64, hasn’t happened. It’s a
blank slate.

So there we go, I never read her run on X-Factor, it was before my time, the only version of the team I know is PAD’s, but I’m sure there are many of you with fond memories of this run, and hopefully this does well.

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