Many DC Comics Will Cost $3.99 Starting in August

August solicitations show DC Comics beginning to phase in $3.99 books. Will the $2.99 book be phased out?

Though Marvel has been phasing out $2.99 books for some time, DC appeared to be holding out. However, that changes in August, with thirteen DC Universe books priced at $3.99, and twenty-eight priced at $2.99. Marvel has fifty-seven $3.99 super-hero books and only twenty-six $2.99 books, but give DC time and they will undoubtedly catch up. This comes during a time when comic book sales are down overall, but where the difference between the price points appears to have no bearing on sales. In fact, even with higher prices overall, Marvel is still increasing its lead on DC in sales. So, Outhousers, what will you do when comics are all $3.99?

Source: Bleeding Cool
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Posted originally: 2010-05-26 22:01:41

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