Mark Millar hypes something

Comics’ very own human Hype Machine has gotten very very excited about a new idea he’s had. Is his enthusiasm infective?

Over on his Millarworld forums, Mark Millar has posted a thread called SO I’VE GOT THIS BIG NEW IDEA FOR MARVEL where, as usual, he flips out and makes it sound like the best thing ever:

I’m pleased with my little efforts for my fellow Mousketeers at Marvel.
Civil War, Ultimates, Ultimate 2, Ultimate FF and X-Men, Enemy of the
State, 1985, Ultimate Avengers, Old Man Logan, etc, etc, have all been
very good to me. But I’ve thought of this thing that has me so excited
I’m actually going to move the artist on my next creator-owned gig back
into the Marvel stable and do what’s very possibly going to be the most
commercial and yet radical Marvel project I have ever done. I’m going
to talk to Joe about this tomorrow, but if this works out the way I
have it in my head this could be the big one. You have been warned.

I’m going to phone Joe tomorrow and have a chat with him. I’ll let you
know what he thinks. But I’m basically wanting to borrow the family car
for a little while, take it on the scariest ride ever and hopefully
hand it back in one piece.

Hopefully the fact that this has the potential to be bigger than Civil
War will convince him. Here’s hoping as I love this. I just have that
crazy good feeling about it when you know you’re onto something big. I
knew we had it with Old Man Logan, Kick-Ass and Ultimates and I smell
it here. This has the potential to be absolutely crazy.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty pumped, sure, for Millar every book is the best thing ever, and the highest-selling comic of all time, and the greatest idea he’s ever had, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of enthusiasm, and hell, it could actually be the best thing ever. And we know the art will be good, considering the guys Millar is working with and is rumoured to be, Steve McNiven, Romita Jnr, Carlos Pacheco, Tony Harris, it could even be Dave Gibbons!

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Posted originally: 2009-09-28 17:04:53

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