Mark Millar working on a big superhero movie property?

Mark Millar is apparently working on the movie version of a big superhero, but what is it? Could it be Superman?

Writer Mark Millar, who gets easily over-excited, is apparently now working on a big new superhero movie, and it’s not one of his own creations a la Kick-Ass or Wanted. On his website he says:

So it seems something huge has happened and I’m possibly going to be
involved in a major, major superhero movie planned for very soon. I’m
generally not interested in working on other people’s characters
outside comics, but this is big and something I would give Hitchy’s
potent left nut for so I’m meeting with some people tomorrow and going
over the details. If this is happening things will move very, very
fast, but the call was NOY something I anticipated.

Sorry to be so vague, but you’ll understand why once you find out what
this is. Some very powerful players involved. More to come. Area 51, of
course, I’ll explain everything, but this is very very cool. Exciting


So what do we think? He’s long been linked to the Superman movie franchise, but I really can’t see it being a DC property. Marvel maybe? Or something more obscure?

Or maybe it is Superman.

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Posted originally: 2009-10-06 13:44:01

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