Mark Schultz has got The Spirit

The Xenozoic Tales writer is taking Will Eisner’s classic character in a new Pulpy direction, spinning out of Brian Azzarello’s First Wave. There’s going to be a Doc Savage series too!

We’ve known about Brian Azzarello’s First Wave for a while now, it’s a Pulp and Noir tinged universe which will feature some classic characters in a new light, and kicks off with the Batman/Doc Savage Special with Phil Noto in a few weeks, before starting properly in March 2010 with artist Rags Morales.

But now, Dan DiDio has revealed at Newsarama , that there will be 2 ongoing series which spin out of the First Wave mini, Doc Savage and The Spirit. DiDio was cagey about who was working on Doc Savage, but did reveal that Mark Schultz will be the writer on The Spirit, and he said that the book would be different in tone than the previous volume DC published:

There are some subtle changes to the story and attitude of this character. Those will be set up during the First Wave mini-series, but we’ll see it played out in The Spirit ongoing when it launches.

DiDio also mentioned the possibility of a ongoing series for the First Wave‘s version of Batman, who, much like his original incarnation uses a gun to kill criminals.

I think this sounds great, The Spirit is of course a great character, and I like that DC aren’t just trying to emulate Eisner, and actually do something new with Denny Colt. A Doc Savage series should also be cool, he’s such a classic character, someone needs to do something with him.

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Posted originally: 2009-10-26 17:28:47

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