Marvel Hot Pick Spotlight – Death Of The Venomverse #2

Death Of The Venomverse #2 – Release date 8/16/23
This issue has two big speculative reasons as to why to own it.  As discussed in our Hot Picks article this week, it features a first appearance and a first FULL appearance. That’s enough for us and we’re quite sure it’s enough for you as well. 

Here is what we said about Wednesday’s new release; Death Of The Venomverse #2 in this week’s Hot NEW Comics Arriving On Wednesday 8-16-23.
Death Of The Venomverse #2 – We gave our readers a heads-up on this one a few weeks ago regarding a possible first (cameo) appearance of Kid Venom (or Venom Boy) on the last page. What we didn’t realize was the last page of the Death Of Venomverse #1 would feature the first appearance of The Symbiote Six. We did warn of the first appearance of someone or something. Well, there you have it. The cameo first appearance of the Symbiote Six, which makes issue two here all the more special really. It’ll not only feature the first appearance of Venom Boy, but it’ll also be the first FULL appearance of The Symbiote Six and the first appearance cover. Yes, this yet-to-be-released comic was a sought-after comic before, it’ll be even more so now. Don’t say we didn’t warn you though.

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