Marvel Hot Pick Spotlight – Immortal Thor #1

The Immortal Thor #1 – Release Date 8/23/23
Al Ewing promises to take the Thor character to new heights. As he did with the Hulk in his Immortal Hulk run. We anticipate a slow start out of the gate here, but once the comic fans realize Al Ewing is killing it once again, the back issues will be sought after. Stay on top of this series because if Al Ewing brings the literature and a new badass character or two pops up, this will be big.

Here is what we said about Wednesday’s new release; The Immortal Thor #1 in this week’s Hot NEW Comics Arriving On Wednesday 8-23-23.
The Immortal Thor #1 – Writer Al Ewing took the Marvel Hulk character to a whole new level with his now legendary Immortal Hulk run. Fans simply could not get enough. Word on the street says that Ewing is about to take the Thor character on a similar run. The man can write a story. The man will probably set a tone with this series, so you should probably get in early. Al Ewing will write and drawing the pictures will be Martin Coccolo. This will definitely be one to watch.  

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