Marvel Panel San Diego Comic Con Highlights Q&A!

Q: Where are Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy?

A: “Nova and Rocket Raccoon were in the Marvel NOW! teaser for a reason. We’re building toward something big with these characters.” – Axel Alonso

Q: Will we see stories involving Polaris’ past in X-Factor?

A: “Breaking Points. An entire issue answers a major question about her past. And no, it’s not ‘Is Magneto her father?’ He is. X-Factor #243.” – Peter David

Q: Are there plans for Silver Surfer?

A: “We’re taking a long hard look at all the non-Earthbound characters. I grew up in California and surfed. I love The Silver Surfer.” – Axel Alonso

 A: “You will see god-like characters in Thanos: Son of Titan. This series is Thanos learning about the universe around him and the genesis of him becoming who he will be. You’ll be seeing a lot of characters you love and love to hate.” – Sana Amanat “This is Thanos: Year One.” – Axel Alonso

Q: Any plans for Doctor Strange? Big applause.

A: “There’s no absence of love for Doctor Strange. A lot of people have come to us with an interest. We want to do it right. We need to figure out what Marvel magic means, what the rules are. It can’t just be a deus ex machina.” – Axel Alonso

Q: Runaways?

A: “Some Runaways will have a major role in an upcoming new ongoing series not called Runaways. You’ll find out more by September.” – Arune Singh

Q: Cloak & Dagger?

A: “You’re going to get more Cloak & Dagger in Amazing Spider-Man. It’s a great appearance and it will impact Peter Parker.” – Sana Amanat

Q: Will we see the Secret Warriors?

A: “Remember that ongoing book not called Runaways with some Runaways? It will not be called Secret Warriors, but you will see some Secret Warriors there.” – Arune Singh



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