Marvel Talent Headed for DC and Other Rumors

Some rumors for the new year from our friends at Bleeding Cool (We like em so much we’ll give em a link right here on the front page!).

From Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool:
Now that DC Entertainment looks like it may take a more aggressive role in the marketplace, look for the battle of the exclusives will kick up again. Marvel and DC will stake their claim with exclusive contracts. In fact expect very early news of a major DC scalp ripped from Marvel’s central talent to work on one of their big guns in the next few days…

Looks like a big Marvel writer or artist may be headed to DC to work on a big project, if Rich is correct (which he is more often than not). Who do you think it could be?

In addition, Johnston predicts more inter-company crossovers with Paul Levitz out of DC’s publisher position, more TV stars involved in comics, a brighter outlook in stories and events from the big two, and a focus on the digital medium.

Check out the article here.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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Posted originally: 2010-01-02 00:53:29

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