Marvel to Answer Questions about OMD with OMIT?

The teasers for Joe Quesada and Paolo Rivera’s OMIT could point to a follow-up for the controversial One More Day storyline!

One Moment in Time. That’s what speculation about Marvel’s upcoming OMIT, by Joe Quesada and Paolo Rivera, seems to be focused on, with that moment in time referring to what exactly happened when Mephisto retconned the Spider-Marriage and other aspects of Spider-Man’s history, or even a look at the new events of the non-wedding day itself. For fans who have long been unhappy with the explanation of "It’s magic. We don’t  have to explain it," some long-awaited answers may be forthcoming. However, proponents of the return of the Peter Parker/Mary Jane marriage should not get their hopes up.

Source: Bleeding Cool
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Posted originally: 2010-04-14 11:20:40

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