Marvel Unveils Philip K Dick’s Electric Ant #1






Marvel and Electric Shepherd Productions are proud to announce that the graphic fiction adaptation of Electric Ant, Philip K Dick’s seminal science fiction short story, arrives in comic shops this April with Philip K Dick’s Electric Ant #1!

Acclaimed creators David Mack (Daredevil, Kabuki) and Pascal Alixe (Ultimate
X-Men), along with cover artist Paul Pope (Strange Tales) and consulting editor Brian
Michael Bendis (Siege, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man), unite for an
adaptation of this existential thriller unlike anything you’ve ever
imagined. Garson Poole’s life is pretty great, with the job, apartment
and sexy assistant of his dreams, but a visit to the hospital uncovers a dark
secret about his existence. Revealed as an "Electric Ant," a type
of robot programmed to serve a specific function, Poole ‘s
life is thrown into a tailspin as he works to discover the truth about his
programming…and reality itself!
As one of the most celebrated authors of the last century, Philip K
Dick is the winner of both the prestigious the Hugo Award and the John W.
Campbell awards, which honor excellence in science fiction. Inducted into the
Library of America in 2007, Dick has received unprecedented literary
recognition for his contributions to modern literature, specifically in the
area of science fiction. His 45 novels and over 210 short stories have been
adapted into numerous hit films, including blockbusters Minority Report, Total Recall and Blade Runner.

"Philip K Dick is one of the most groundbreaking sci-fi authors
ever and we’re honored to bring his stories to life at Marvel,"
said Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer & Editor-in-Chief, Marvel
Entertainment. "Electric Ant
is an extraordinary interpretation of Philip K. Dick’s classic short
story, one that I’, sure all fans will enjoy."

Laura Leslie, Dick’s daughter and a partner with her sister, Isa
Dick Hackett, in Electric Shepherd Productions, added, "As the first
original adaptation of our father’s work into this genre, we are thrilled
with the creative team and the support of Marvel in the care they have taken to
be true to the integrity of this story."

Combining the unparalleled literary prowess of Philip K Dick with some
of the most imaginative creators in comics today, Philip K Dick’s Electric Ant is the sci-fi graphic
fiction event of the year!

Written by David Mack
Art by Pascal Alixe
Cover by Paul Pope
Variant Cover by David Mack
Rated T+ ….99

Marvel Presents Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant

Marvel Presents Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant

Marvel Presents Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant

Marvel Presents Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant

Source: Marvel PR

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