Marvel’s Femme Fatales: The Top 5 Female Spider Heroes of Marvel

Marvel Universe’s top five female Spider sensations, because who said spider-powers were just for the guys? Coming in at number five, Ashley Barton. She once rocked the title Spider-Bitch. This is deserving of the five spot. Number four, we’ve got Anya Corazon, aka Spider-Girl. when your resume says ‘bitten by a mystical spider,’ who needs LinkedIn? Sliding into third, Jessica Drew, the OG Spider-Woman. She’s been spinning webs and taking names since the disco era – talk about longevity. At number two, it’s Spider-Gwen, because nothing says ‘alternate universe’ like Gwen Stacy not only surviving but also becoming a superhero. And taking the crown, Cindy Moon, aka Silk, turned a decade in isolation into her own brand of heroics. Marvel’s leading spider-ladies, showing that the spider-verse isn’t just vast, it’s versatile.

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