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1aaaaaamwssTIMEBOMBMatman reviews Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray’s Time Bomb.


1aaaaatime_bombThere is a reason we talk about Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray all the time on the Secret Identity Podcast! Because they’re the best writers in comics! Unfortunately, with such a high threshold of work there is the waiting for the book that doesn’t quite measure up. Unfortunately for Jimmy and Justin, their latest book ‘Time Bomb’ ups that threshold again!

Time Bomb # 1 (from Radical Comics) is a story that reads like a cool 1980’s action movie! In Berlin, workers have accidentally uncovered a secret city about a mile below the surface. As the team goes in, they find it was built by the Nazi’s as a last stand during the closing days of the war. But this underground fortress was not just meant to just be a shelter, but as a launching point for a particularly nasty virus that can’t be stopped. Bad news is the weapon has been triggered and goes off, destroying Berlin and spreading. The only way to stop it is to go back 24 hours in time and stop this before it happens. Problem is, instead of going back to yesterday they end up going back to World War II.

As great as this story is, it’s the characters that Palmiotti and Gray have created that drive this story. The assembled team (a recently divorced couple, a know-it-all leader and a cold blooded killer) has zero chance of getting along, let alone surviving this mission. As we are introduced to the team we see they are not good people at all. But that is always good for a story.

The art is provided by veteran Paul Gulacy who is a great choice. In Time Bomb he does everything right; action scenes, the beautiful women and exotic locals, Paul is doing some of the best work of his career.

Now what can we say about Radical Comics.  Not only do they publish books that no one else would, but they provide unsurpassed quality and value. For $4.99 you get almost 60 pages of story and art, printed on great paper. And, they smell good too.

If my words don’t motivate you to get it, just open up a copy and see for yourself. My only complaint was a monkey was harmed making this comic book. If not hurt, than completely stressed out!

Matman Rating: 5 out of 5 deserved kicks to the crotch

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