In the latest FLASHPOINT FRIDAY update on DC’s THE SOURCE BLOG, they revealed (as an answer to a fan question) that FLASH #12, due out MAY 11th, will be the series’ final issue.

What does this mean for the FLASH (any of them) in the DCU? Our bet is a new series (or multiple series) including some Wally, and hopefull still Barry.

“A few weeks back, we posted an open call for questions about FLASHPOINT with promises of answers to come. This week’s question comes from THE SOURCE reader and frequent commenter fhiz:

           “ Johns wrote that Booster Gold was the only ongoing to tie   into  Flashpoint, so where does that leave his book, The Flash?”

Great question, fhiz. While the effects of FLASHPOINT will be felt throughout BOOSTER GOLD even after the series concludes, we can’t quite say the same for THE FLASH past issue #12… Why’s that?

Issue 12 will be the final issue of THE FLASH”

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