Morrison outlines ’Batman’ plans

DC superstar writer Grant Morrison reveals the plans for Batman in the coming year.

Digital Spy reports on an interview with Grant Morrison in which the Batman scribe talks about his upcoming plans for the Batman books. Od course, we already know that Bruce Wayne, the original Batman, returns in The Return of Bruce Wayne, written by Morrison. But what about Dick Grayson and Damien Wayne, currently filling the roles of Batman and Robin respectively in the comic of the same name? According to Morrison, that book will continue as well. Though Morrison  originally planned to leave the book with issue #13 and concentrate on The Return of Bruce Wayne, he has apparently found a new way to shake things up and will be sticking around for another "season," which will begin at issue #16 and run concurrently with The Return of Bruce Wayne.

Source: Digital Spy
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Posted originally: 2010-01-30 16:07:08

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