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Here’s a speculation article that will run periodically regarding which comics we feel should be the next to hit the movies, television or become an animated show. Will any of these comics see the light of day? Possibly. Possibly not. InvestComics throughout its years (10 years, longest running speculative website on the internet and the number one speculative website) has called a MANY comics (and characters) to hit the screen WAY before they were ever announced to do so. Guardians of The Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Warlock, Dormammu, Kick Ass, Thanos, Nemesis, Crossbones, just to name a few that have come to light and or will be coming. We’re not saying that these comics in these articles are guarantees to ever come to fruition, but these are our choices we feel deserve some airplay….in some form. Even a video game too.

Please realize that all of this is a speculative look at the hobby. Maybe some of these will become reality, maybe most of these won’t, but understand that this is pure speculation. Read the disclaimer. Read the disclaimer. Oh and read the disclaimer and please have fun.

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Rom (Movie/Toon/Game) – Marvel Comics made the Rom toy a cult favorite comic book. Now IDW will pick up the mantle and start an entirely new race and galaxy realm without any Dire Wraiths (Marvel owns that). Although a Rom based movie would seem a bit campy probably to make, we thought that of the Transformers idea too, but that worked. Maybe an animated show would fair better here.
*Rom #1 (1979) Writer Bill Mantlo and art by Sal Buscema. Cover art by Joe Rubinstein and Fran Miller. 75 issues. Rom’s first venture ever outside of his book came in Power Man and Iron Fist #73 (1981). Cover by Frank Miller.

Power Pack (Movie/Game) – As InvestComics called this comic out back in 2010, who would have known Marvel Studios would report directly to Disney eventually? We did of course. Eventually Disney will take over complete creative control, so with that said we get Power Pack on this list. A made for movie comic book right in Disney’s wheelhouse. It’s probably a matter of WHEN this will get done, not a matter of IF.
*Power Pack #1 (1984) First appearance. Writer Louise Simonson and art by June Brigman. Cover art by June Brigman and Bob Wiacek. Lasted 62 issues.

Micronauts (Movie/Game) – This toy line went on to spawn a plethora of comic books from many different companies, but it’s Marvel Comics who got things started in 1979. A movie would seem a fantastic way to go here. Michael Bay?
*Micronauts #1; First appearance. Bill Mantlo writes, art work by Michael Golden. Cover by Dave Cockrum and Al Milgrom. Lasted 59 issues.

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Moon Knight (Movie/TV/Game) – InvestComics has been on this character since the inception of the website 10 years ago. If there is one character we feel that will guarantee to breakout into its own movie or television series, this dude right here is it. (A rare thing to get any sort of guarantees here on InvestComics). Check out the ultimate Moon Knight checklist from InvestComics right HERE. You will not find a better list. We guarantee it.
*First appeared in Werewolf By Night #32 (1975). First solo comic; Marvel Spotlight #28 (1976).

Alpha Flight (Movie) – Canada’s bad as* team needs to get their due. An absolute breakout film if it would ever get done. This team is the real deal.
*First appearance was in Uncanny X-Men #120 (1979). Alpha Flight #1 (1983) was written by John Byrne, art by John Byrne and cover by Byrne and Terry Ausin. Lasted 130 issues. If Alpha Flight ever takes flight and makes it to the big screen, Alpha Flight #1 will be the equivalent of New Mutants #98 in the sense that although there is a major overprint run on the book, it’ll command big dollars in the aftermarket.

Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner (Movie) – No stranger to InvestComics readers here. covered a few times over the years (BEFORE Disney became the official bosses recently) that Disney has conquered land and space on the big screen. Just a matter of time before they hit one of their favorite places; water. So many successful films for the Mouse company taking place in the depths of water. How about that first live action water superhero movie Disney? It starts right here with Prince Namor. It has to.
*First appearance Motion Picture Funnies Weekly Volume 1 #1 (1939). Fantastic Four #4; first Silver Age Namor. Stan Lee writes, art by Jack ‘King’ Kirby and cover by Jack ‘King’ Kirby and Sol Brodsky. Just like InvestComics informed buyers to buy the first Inhumans at ANY grade in the past few years, buy this comic book at any grade, doesn’t matter. Buy it. The Sub Mariner #1 (1968) comic is definitely one to have in your collection once the movie finally comes to fruition. No doubt here (another guarantee). The series lasted 72 issues.

The Pro – (Movie/TV) Here is an awesome movie or HBO/AMC television show waiting to happen. A prostitute superhero tries to find her way within the grand scheme of things with a baby in tow. A cable comedy series that would kill. This comic story is not suitable for all readers. If you’re easily offended, this book is NOT for you. A movie here would be good, but leaving audiences wanting more probably, so a television series would be the better route here.
*The Pro (2002) from Image Comics; Written by Garth Ennis, art by Amanda Connor and cover by Connor/Jimmy Palmiotti.

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