Neal Adams on InvestComics™ TV – 4 Part Series!

ICTV_LOGO1_LONGThe Legend himself Neal Adams in a 4 part web cam interview right here on InvestComics TV! Click ahead for a quick screen shot from the show and words from host Rick Osmon, and Executive Producer Jay Katz.

Rick Osmon –  I’m very excited about the upcoming 4 PART SERIES of interviews with comic book industry legend, Neal Adams.

In Part 1, we explore Neal’s very early career and his interaction with the other famous folks in the industry at that time (late fifties), his struggle to enter the field. The first episode will be posted December 8th.

Jay Katz – Neal Adams is a legend within the comic book industry that defined and shaped some of the best characters in the comic book world. I’m thrilled to have Neal on InvestComics TV.


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