Never Guess Where Stan Lee Will Be Appearing Tomorrow!













Stan Lee on Howard Stern’s Geek Time Tomorrow!!! 

Fall in fellow POW!sters & Brigadiers alike,

@therealstanlee will be appearing on @HowardStern ‘s Geek Time this Friday 2/3 @ 12pm EST on SiriusXM 101 to talk about the partnership with @1821Comics and the newly released epic graphic novel “Romeo and Juliet: The War”. Don’t forget to tune in & find out all about the great things to come.

Click here to view a video message from Stan Lee

Romeo & Juliet: The War” is out in stores now. So what are you waiting for O’ Keepers of the Faith? Go to your local comic or book store & get either your soft cover or hard cover collectors editions now, or if you prefer online, go to:

Click here to view some of the interior art work.

Click Hereto view the official “Romeo & Juliet: The War” trailer, narrated by Stan Lee himself.-POW! Entertainment

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