New Comic Book Day Highlights: Venom, Batman & TMNT and More!

New comics are arriving on 6-5-24. Subject to change and we have zero control of that.
Welcome to another eclectic week in the world of comics, brought to you by InvestComics Hot Picks, where we dive into the latest issues with all the grace of a superhero landing (you know, hard on the knees, but still looking cool). Let’s sift through the pages of this week’s standout stories, and yes, we judge some of these books by their covers and their content too!

Amazing Spider-man #51 swings in with a nostalgia-packed punch, reuniting the Sinister Six for another go at chaos. Plus, it throws in a Disney “What if” Dazzler variant cover. Because nothing says “cross-marketing synergy” like hinting at a potential cameo in the Deadpool/Wolverine film, right? Or are we just grasping at straws? Either way, it’s a shiny distraction! Over in Gotham, Batman #148 concludes its “Dark Prisons” saga with a twist no one saw coming, Batman versus Batman. Talk about self-conflict! It’s the kind of existential crisis that only a bat trapped in a cave could truly understand. What If Venom #5 teases us with a new Venom Symbiote mashup, this time with Moon Knight. Moon-Venom? Knight-Venom? Seriously, folks, we need a catchy name here. Suggestions on a postcard, please. Marvel decides it’s a good day to press the reboot button again with The Ultimates #1. Because if at first, you don’t succeed, restart, restart again. Deniz Camp and Juan Frigeri team up to bring us the latest incarnation of this universe. Here’s hoping it sticks the landing this time. Scarlett #1 from Image Comics gives us this badass who’s ready to take names and kick some serious butt, all stylishly penned by Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Marco Ferrari.

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Click on ANY Red-Highlighted LINKS/Comic Covers to BUY/BID from ALL available eBay sellers now* (always buy from high-rated eBay sellers).

X-Men #35, or should we say Uncanny X-Men #700 (yes, someone is still counting), rolls in with its special anniversary issue. Chris Claremont is back at the helm, so expect some classic X-Men drama. The Blood Hunt event isn’t done with us yet, carving out a spot for Wolverine Blood Hunt #1. Expect surprise guest stars because Wolverine’s past just can’t seem to leave him alone. TMNT Alpha #1 checks in with our favorite mutant turtles. Jason Aaron handling the writing and Chris Burnham on art? Now, that’s a team-up that’s sure to deliver some shell-shocking stories! For those who like their comics with a touch of the macabre, Beyond The Pale #1 from Dark Horse Comics promises to deliver the chills. Because what’s life without a little scare? Whatnot Publishing isn’t shy about cranking up the nostalgia with Ninja Funk BAD Music #1. They’re serving up a variety of homage covers, but it’s the Harley Quinn swipe that really sings to us. My Adventures With Superman #1, launching this Tuesday. DC Comics kicks off an exciting new series bridging the gap between seasons one and two of the Adult Swim animated show. Don’t miss this fresh take on Superman’s adventures!










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