New Comic Day Hits a Snag in Production!

Eric Ratcliffe, writer of Outhouse Award Winning webcomic New Comic Day, chimes in with some unfortunate news.

From Eric’s Statement:

To all the fans of New Comic Day , it is with a great deal of disappointment that I make the following announcement. As you well know, all of us involved in creating this comic strip have taken a great deal of pride in the fact that we have had a new New Comic Day strip up on the Comic Related website every Wednesday without fail since the day the series was launched.

Well, the streak has come to an end. Circumstances beyond our collective control has forced Bill, Chad, Lisa, and myself to regrettably delay the latest installment of New Comic Day, by one full day this week.

It WILL BE POSTED TOMORROW. Trust me that is a promise from all of us.

Believe it or not, some very embarrassing legal issues have come to our attention. It’s a matter I will go into much more when the latest strip goes live here on the site, but I am more than a little concerned that New Comic Day…as we all know and love it…may be in danger of changing forever.

If it continues at all.

I know that sounds dire, but I remain hopeful things will be resolved within the coming 24 hours.

PLEASE, I urge you not to try to contact any of the other members of the NCD team about this matter as we all have made a commitment not to speak about it until we ourselves first work through a few things.

From Bill, Chad, Lisa, and myself….we are truly sorry this had to occur. See you tomorrow.


Tune in tomorrow for the full story, freaking sticky legal situations. 😕

Source: Comic Related

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Posted originally: 2010-03-31 23:22:59

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