New Mutants, New Artist

Leonard Kirk moves onto Marvel’s New Mutants series with #15 this july.

The New Mutants may not exactly be new anymore, but they are still a very engaging group of characters, very much involved in the overall X-Men universe. And it looks like things are going to get even more exciting for Cannonball and co this July, as Leonard (Captain Britan & MI:13, Dark X-Men) Kirk is joining Zeb Wells for a story arc. CBR have an interview with the Kirkster, and he had this to say:

"The focus, at least for the first issue of the arc, will indeed be emotional fallout and recovery," the artist told CBR News. "The arc opens with the group taking a little downtime to relax, drink beer, share feelings, vent and heal. Needless to say that things may not go as planned. And then we turn up the volume in the next issue."

 "At this time, I’m only on board for the single arc which will likely last seven or eight issues. That could always change and I may end up on the book for a long time. Who knows? The real hook for me is working with a bunch of characters to whom I was introduced over 25 years ago. The idea of taking a series from my childhood, with such a sense of nostalgia, and bringing it into the 21st century is very appealing. And a helluva lot of fun."

I like this news, Kirk is a very good artist, and sometimes I feel the more peripheral X-books don’t get enough of a push, looks like Marvel are changing that.

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Posted originally: 2010-04-06 11:05:43

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