Nolan Talks Superman and Batman

Chris Nolan talks about his plans for the Superman and Batman movie franchises.

Chris Nolan, who is heading up the Superman reboot at Warner Bros, and who is, of course, the man behind the current Batman movie franchise, spoke with the LA Times about his plans for the two franchises. On Superman, he had this to say:

“A lot of people have approached Superman in a lot of different ways. I only know the way that has worked for us that’s what I know how to do,” Nolan said, emphasizing the idea that Batman exists in a world where he is the only superhero and a similar approach to the Man of Steel would assure the integrity needed for the film. “Each serves to the internal logic of the story. They have nothing to do with each other.”

This is particularly interesting because all previous reports have suggested that the various DC movies are leading to a combined Justice League movie sometime in the future. If each hero exists in a world where he or she is the only superhero, how can this be possible?

He also had some ideas on how casting can make or break a superhero movie:

“I went to the studio with the analogy of ‘I want to cast the way they did in 1978 with “Superman,”’ where they had Brando and Glenn Ford and Ned Beatty and all these fantastic actors in even small parts, which was an exotic idea for a superhero movie at the time. It really paid off, too., As a kid watching ‘Superman’ it seemed enormous and I realized later by looking at it that a lot of that was actually the casting, just having these incredibly talented people and these characterizations. And Marlon Brando is the first guy up playing Superman’s dad. It’s incredible.”

On Batman, Nolan said:

“My brother is writing a script for me and we’ll wait to see how it turns out…he’s struggling to put it together into the epic story that you want it to be.”

“Without getting into specifics, the key thing that makes the third film an great possibility for us is that we want to finish our story,” he said. “And in viewing it as the finishing of a story rather than infinitely blowing up the balloon and expanding the story. We have a great ensemble, that’s one of the attractions of doing another film, since we’ve been having a great time for years.”

Nolan also promises that the villain in the third movie will not be Mr. Freeze. He then goes on to say that the movie will have a clear ending:

“I’m very excited about the end of the film, the conclusion, and what we’ve done with the characters,” Nolan said.“My brother has come up with some pretty exciting stuff. Unlike the comics, these thing don’t go on forever in film and viewing it as a story with an end is useful. Viewing it as an ending, that sets you very much on the right track about the appropriate conclusion and the essence of what tale we’re telling. And it hearkens back to that priority of trying to find the reality in these fantastic stories. That’s what we do.”

Source: LA Times
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