Official Update: Marc Webb Will Direct Spider-Man

The 500 Days of Summer director has officially signed on to direct the Spider-Man Reboot.

We reported last week that Marc Webb was in talks with Sony to take over the Spider-Man franchise, slated for a reboot in 2012 after the planned Spider-Man 4 was dropped, along with the cast and director Sam Raimi. Now it appears the news has been made official.

The new story, written by Jamie Vanderbilt, will star a relatively unknown cast and focus on high school student Peter Parker dealing with the death of his Uncle Ben. Supposedly, the movie will be based more on Brian Bendis’s Ultimate Spider-Man series than the original sixties Spider-Man stories by Stan Lee. The movie’s budget is expected to be in the million range.

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Posted originally: 2010-01-20 00:14:24

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