Paul Levitz and Batman Beyond!

DC reveal that Levitz is writing a Superman/Batman Annual which will feature the return of Terry McGinnis, Batman Beyond. Plus 2 more annuals. Levitz is back in full force baby.

Over at Newsarama , DC have revealed that their former Big Boss, Paul Levitz is going to write 3 annuals in 2010, the first of which is Superman/Batman, and will feature not only Supes and Bats, but also Terry McGinnis aka Batman Beyond, you know, from that awesome cartoon.

Levitz will also be writing an Adventure Comics Annual, which will set up his run on the ongoing title and return to the Legion Of Super-Heroes, interestingly, this is actually the first ever Annual in the books 500+ issue run. Woah.

The third annual has not been revealed yet, and neither have the artists, but we’ll keep you posted.

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Posted originally: 2009-10-26 11:52:47

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