1st Appearance of JINX!

JINX_first_appearanceBrand new in Life with Archie #7: the first appearance of JINX!



New York, NY (November 1, 2010): Archie Comics has earned admiration and acclaim for the captivating stories in LIFE WITH ARCHIE magazine, which promises even more drama and new exciting developments for the new year in 2011!

Following the dramatic conclusion of the first story arc, LIFE WITH ARCHIE #7: MAR 2010 continues the two critically acclaimed series in which Archie Andrew’s futures married to Betty and Veronica are explored in two fascinating parallel storylines! In addition to these compelling dramas, the issue features an exciting, brand new title: JINX, based on the classic character L’il Jinx! Offering outstanding new characters and narratives to readers, LIFE WITH ARCHIE #7: MAR 2010 arrives January 2011!
“Adding JINX to the LIFE WITH ARCHIE family is truly exciting! Jinx is about to become an exceptionally vibrant part of Archie Comics alongside our most popular storyline. We couldn’t be more thrilled,” stated Jon Goldwater, Co-CEO of Archie Comics.

LifewitharchieBrand new in Life with Archie #7: the first appearance of JINX! Multiple-award-winning author J. Torres reintroduces fans to the classic Archie character Li’l Jinx in JINX! Not so little anymore, Jinx and her friends Charley, Greg, and Gigi begin their first day at Rose Valley High School. “Li’l Jinx Grows Up” will deliver real-world stories for real-world teens, reflecting the humor, issues, and problems of today’s adolescents!

In addition to the premier of a completely brand new series, special features for this issue include “Hollywood Dream Dates,” “Celebrity Pets,” and “Are You Ready for the Oscars?”
Readers and critics are exceptionally enthusiastic about LIFE WITH ARCHIE magazine “This series is a treat,” exclaims Comics Cube. “You won’t believe how new these characters feel.”
“‘Life With Archie’ continues to surprise, in the very best way,” adds First Comics News.
Life with Archie #7: MAR 2010 will be available in January 2011.



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