Preview of Tribute: Michael Jackson King of Pop Comic

CBR has a preview of the upcoming Tribute: Michael Jackson, King of Pop from Blue Water Comics, and it is a surreal and awful as you might expect.

Blue Water Comics is that company that puts out the Obama and Palin and Ted Kennedy comics, so it should shock nobody that their latest project is a comic book about the late king of pop, Michael Jackson.

The comic apparantly starts out with what appears to be Jiminy Cricket lamenting the death of Jackson. The irony of a cartoon character who represents the concience of a child is not lost on this reporter. Jiminy is upset over all the mean things people have said about Michael Jackson, and suggests that we should all forget about how he touched children while he tells us Michael’s life story.

The story then cuts to Jackson’s birth, where we see a tender moment between his mother and father. In all the panels featuring Joe Jackson, you can see the rage seething inside him. There will be severe beatings later in this comic.

For now, we just see Michael as a young boy, and marvel at how black he and his family are drawn, which, despite being well known, is still shocking since we all really remember Michael as a bleach-skinned freak.

I’m sure this comic will do well because we are a civilization of ghouls, but there is a better chance of Jermaine Jackson having a career resurgance than there is of this comic being good in any way.

Head over to CBR to see for yourself.

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