Read the First Chapter of Peter Milligan’s Greek Street Free!

Vertigo is offering the opportunity to read the first chapter of Peter Milligan’s upcoming graphic novel Greek Street.

From the DCU Blog:

GREEK STREET re-imagines those brutal and visceral tragedies of Ancient Greece as a contemporary crime drama. GREEK STREET culls from some of the most provocative works of Greek mythology as Oedipus Rex, Medea, the Illiad, and the Odyssey. Those fantastic stories—of incest, homicide, beautiful oracles, kings, monsters and gods—play out now, not in Athens, but on the mean streets of modern-day London. Boasting a cast of sexy strippers, murderous gangsters, body-snatching mad women, and a disturbed young girl who can see the future, GREEK STREET is all about the intersection of sex, violence, destiny and human tragedy.

GREEK STREET Volume 1: Blood Calls For Blood, is the first in an ongoing series of graphic novels written by legendary scribe Peter Milligan, best known for such eyebrow raising comics as Shade the Changing Man, X-Statix, and Human Target and illustrated by artist Davide Gianfelice (Northlanders). Together they have created a visionary work that’s smart, sexy, and timely. GREEK STREET offers an amalgamation of crime fiction and classical tragedy, with Oedipus re-cast as a rootless drifter, the Furies as a notorious crime family and Daedalus as a hardboiled detective hell-bent on solving a series of murders.

Welcome to GREEK STREET, where the old stories aren’t through with us yet.

You can read the first chapter by clicking here.

Peter Milligan's Greek Street

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