Rich Johnston Pursues Chase Variant This February!

The famed gossip columnist and DOCTOR WHO writer makes his Image Comics debut this February!

October 21 2009 (Berkeley, CA) –  This past weekend Rich Johnston’s Bleeding Cool announced he would bring his comics mashup one-shot, CHASE VARIANT,  to Image Comics with HEAVY METAL painter Saverio Tenuta and 2000AD illustrator Bagwell this February!

"CHASE VARIANT has two distinct sides to it, "Johnston said. "One is a balls to the wall blockbuster with babes, bombs, and bazookas, an extraordinary body count and a beautiful body to boot, in the shape of the star genetically altered assassin of the series. The other is a metafictional treatise on the nature of reality, of fiction, of the stores we tell and the ornaments we collect. It’s a meaningful piece of comic book philosophy that’s constantly being shot at by a nearly-naked four armed tattooed walking weapon. Think Michael Bay meets Rene Descartes, TOMB RAIDER meets ANNIE HALL."

In CHASE VARIANT Johnston, Tenuta and Bagwell’s assassin attempts to fulfill her missions while stopping rival governments from trying to collect her for themselves. Yet her every action is predicted by a very familiar card game being played by unknown assailants, challenging Chase’s belief in self-determination.

CHASE VARIANT ONE SHOT (IS ALL I NEED), a 32-page full color comic book for $3.99, will be in-stores February 2009.

Chase Variant

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