Rob Liefeld Launches New Website

The superstar artist has launched a new website on the WordPress platform, promising more frequent updates!

Though it has always been possible to hang with the creator of Marvel’s fastest rising character, Deadpool, on his message board, Rob Liefeld’s Flash-based website has always been a little lacking in frequent updates. Well, it seems that Rob has entered the blogging age with a new WordPress site, and this reporter couldn’t be more excited! Here’s a snippet from the first post:

Drop by often as I’ll be showing some pencils, preliminary art, random sketches and as I mentioned earlier, several new creations that will debut here on this site. Thanks again for checking the site out, view the galleries and portfolios for a walk down memory lane as well as the latest and greatest, most current work.

Rob also posted a cover to an upcoming issue of Deadpool Corps:

Deadpool Corps Cover by Rob Liefeld

Visit the website at

Thanks to MikeyG for the heads up!
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Posted originally: 2010-04-06 11:38:11

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