Rucka Done With DC

Having just finished up his Detective Comics story, Greg Rucka will be walking away from DC Comics.

It won’t be to go to Marvel though. It seems that Rucka, whose critically acclaimed work on Detective Comics, starring the red-headed, lesbian Batwoman, along with J.H. Williams III has been one of the highlights of the post-Bruce Wayne Batman books, will not be continuing with DC. It appears that editorial differences between the creator and DC management have resulted in the split. However, artist J.H. Williams III insists that DC is firmly behind the character, and will continue to publish stories featuring Batwoman.

Rucka, for his part, will concentrate on his Queen and Country novels, as well as creator owned work, including, presumably, his Stumptown series. Rucka, who had originally intended to launch a Batwoman title after he and Williams were forced to stop telling Kate Kane’s stories in Detective due to the upcoming return of Bruce Wayne, has not ruled out a future return to the character.

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Posted originally: 2010-04-04 10:30:32

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