Runaways Canceled?!

Is Runaways, the Brian K Vaughan created book that’s seen creative and scheduling difficulties since Vaughan left the book, about to be cancelled? If not, why no solicitations?

Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool has the answer to a question that’s been nagging the internet lately, as fans have noticed the lack of solicitations for Runaways, currently produced by the creative team of Kathyrn Immonen and Sara Pichelli.

The title isn’t cancelled, but the next issue, #14, will be the last before the title goes on hiatus until at least the summer of 2010. A Runaways movie is in development, possibly written by Vaughan himself, and when that project goes forward, the comic may return to the racks.

Read the full story, including how Rich knew about this before one of the book’s current creators, at Bleeding Cool.

Source: Bleeding Cool
Posted originally: 2009-08-27 20:54:36

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