Sam Worthington Talks About Possible Upcoming Comic Book Films!

"Avatar" and "Clash of the Titans" star Sam Worthington talks about LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME and DAN DARE!

While making the rounds talking about his latest film, "Clash of the
Titans," current blockbuster movie it-guy Sam Worthington had a few
things to say to MTV News about his involvement with two potential
comic book adaptations.  First up, "Last Days of American Crime," the
three-issue series by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini published by
Radical Comics.  Sayeth Mr. Worthington, by way of MTV’s Buzzbox:

"We’re putting [‘Last Days of American Crime’] together as
we speak," Worthington told MTV News. "The writer of the comic is
actually doing his take on a draft. I thought that was a smart thing
for me and my mates to get him to do, and we’re looking for directors —
a director who would be able to handle it."

"We have many names, but it’s too early to bring them up," he said. "My mate found it out of nowhere before the comic had even come out, so we jumped on it."

While he’s at it, he decided to share a few words about UK pulp hero
Dan Dare, though MTV isn’t so sure if Worthington was speaking about
Garth Ennis’ reboot from a couple of years ago at Virgin Comics, or the
version put forth by Grant Morrison and Rian Hughes in the late 1980’s
(Worthington specifically namedrops Morrison). 

Dan Dare,’ same type of thing — we’re seeing how they’re
going to develop it and where they want it to go," he said. "I’m at
that stage now where I want to do movies where I get my $16 worth. …
Something like ‘Dan Dare,’ there was something in the reboot by Grant
Morrison that was amazing.

Source: MTV’s Buzzbox
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